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1xBet extends media rights for advertising in La Liga

The well-known sports betting brand 1XBET and the most famous football league in the world: LaLiga, sign a new partnership!

Seeing advertisements for 1xBet, one of the world's leading betting brands, during the broadcasts of La Liga club matches has become commonplace for millions of fans in recent years. Nothing will change from now on - thanks to a new agreement, 1xBet will carry on delighting fans with the company's ads that will continue to appear during the championship and Spanish Cup matches until the end of the 2023-24 season.

The 1xBet brand is known in dozens of countries around the world, partly thanks to its status as Barcelona's official global partner. However, our players don’t only bet on the Catalans' games but also on those of other teams. Make them aware of 1xBet's long-term presence during games of the top Spanish clubs and offer them bets with the best conditions.

Increase the number of 1xBet players - and make money on Spanish football!