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F1 British GP: discover the new sprint qualification

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Today F1 will experience a historic moment with the debut of the sprint qualifying, today at 5.30 pm on the British circuit of Silverstone.

A revolution that includes a mini-race to decide the starting grid. Let's see together the predictions for the English weekend.


After 9 rounds, the drivers' classification sees an unexpected situation. If it is true that even the traders at the beginning of the season expected a fierce Verstappen (but still underdog on Hamilton), the photograph to date is completely reversed compared to the projections at the beginning of the World Cup. The Red Bull leader is in the lead with 182 points ahead of the world champion with 150. The Dutchman also comes from 3 wins in a row (two in Austria and one in France) while Lewis hasn't won in 5 gp with only 2 podiums in as many races. Red Bull is ahead of Mercedes also in the constructors' standings with a balance sheet of 286 against 242 of its rivals.


Announced a few months ago, the sprint race, later renamed the sprint qualification so as not to be confused with the actual race on Sunday, will be tested this weekend at Silverstone waiting to see if it will definitively replace the various Q1, Q2, and Q3. This new formula includes a 30-minute mini-race on Saturday where there will be no restrictions on the choice of compounds nor pit stop obligations. The starting grid of the sprint race will be based on the results of the free practice. The goal of the sprint qualification, which in addition to deciding the starting order for Sunday will give 3 points to whoever takes pole, 2 to the second and 1 to the third, is to make the Saturday session spectacular.


Hamilton: "I missed all these people. I'm grateful to the public, the energy they transmit is incredible. I was hoping that the team and the fans would push me, it's thanks to them. I did a job to improve the car even this morning in the simulator because I had the morning off, we left no stone unturned, why did I have to sit instead of trying to improve? When I crossed the finish line, my heart was in my mouth. Really without these people I would not have been able to make this time. Special this qualification, doing it at home is beautiful. We wait because Saturday and Sunday we have to go fast, I need the public. Teamwork makes dreams come true ”.

Leclerc: "I liked this session. Normally I like to have little preparation and less time from the drivers to look at the data. You have to be in place right away, so I liked this as an approach. Now we test the race and we hope to do well ".

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