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France: brawl and invasion in Nice - Marseille

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The evening match between Nice and Marseille scheduled yesterday at the Allianz Riviera ends with a maxi invasion of the field and a fight between fans and players.

Indecorous scenes, during the evening postponement between Nice and Marseille; fans throw objects at opposing players. Payet responds and pandemonium breaks out.

The most awaited challenge of the third day of the French football top league of Ligue 1, was abandoned on the result of 1 to 0 for Nice when there were just under ten minutes from the final triple whistle.

To cause the drastic decision, influenced the indecent attitude and currently under investigation by the police, of some fans who, after trying the players on the field, would have started a sensational maxi invasion of the field.

The problems arose right from the start of the match, with the throwing of objects by the Nice ultras at the opposing players. The Marseille players in charge of taking corner kicks were particularly targeted.

Everything degenerated when it was Payet who received yet another bottle, thrown by the Rossoneri supporters. The star of the Focese team then in turn threw the object towards the Allianz Riviera audience, generating the most complete chaos.

Dozens of Nice supporters have in fact poured into the field, giving rise to an authentic manhunt.

Particularly angry Jorge Sampaoli, Marseille coach who did not accept the situation giving himself in a rage. "Who are you calling? One of our players got hit. You are completely crazy ", he thundered at the address of a representative of the League who was trying to reason the rest of the curve.

The teams were called back to the corridor leading to the Allianz Riviera changing rooms, with the Nice president himself attempting to communicate with his out-of-control curve over the microphone.

All while the Marseille players made it clear that they had no intention of returning to the pitch (some of them even suffered injuries). Despite the Prefect's yes, therefore, it was the referee who sanctioned the early end of the match.

The scoreboard of the stadium read 1-0 Nice (Dolberg's goal in the 49th minute). But it is clear that the blackest night in French football is far from over.