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Las Vegas, the USA and their movies, inspire global gambling!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Cinema and TV of the “States” have always represented a fundamental tool for promoting the gambling market globally.

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In fact, over the years, we have witnessed the birth and dissemination of very important films, set in luxurious casinos and in which the art of gambling was a fundamental component. From these incredible masterpieces, fashions such as Blackjack have developed or graphics and ideas for captivating online casino games have been born!

Most of the films have in common one of the most famous and visited American cities in the world: Las Vegas! It is therefore no secret that the US, despite having regulated gambling (especially online) for some years, has always been the main promoters of gambling!

Even today, after a long time, Las Vegas and the USA continue to inspire the ”new casino 2021” – which went online, with that incredible mix of lights, colors and transgression that we have seen so many times in the movies.



Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County and is the largest city in the State of Nevada. The city is famous for being the capital of entertainment, shopping and gambling.

What is commonly called Las Vegas is in fact a set of different administrative units:

- North Las Vegas;

- Henderson;

- Paradise;

The latter fraction is a vast "unincorporated" area which includes the famous "Strip", home to shops, hotels and casinos.

Legalized gambling, the availability of alcohol at any time of day or night, and a certain choice of adult entertainment (not prostitution, which is illegal in Clark County) have earned Las Vegas the nickname of "Sin City", but the local administration and the tourist office much prefer "The Entertainment Capital of the World".

Along with the economy, the image of the city has also grown strongly: this is confirmed by the fact that in recent years it has often been chosen as the setting for highly successful television series and movies.



Among the most successful film hits, we find:

- Agent 007 - Diamonds Are Forever

- Casino

- The Big Short

- Play It to the Bone

- What Happens in Vegas

- Ocean's 11

… and many others!

USA and gambling, when blackjack becomes an Academy Award!

One of the most successful films set in the "Sin City" - awarded with four Oscar - in which gambling (blackjack) is the protagonist, is undoubtedly: “The Rain Man (1988)”.

Gambling and casino game starring in a masterpiece where a masterful Dustin Hoffman plays a man with autism but also with an incredible memory who is exploited by his greedy brother played by Tom Cruise, to win at the blackjack table.

"The Rain Man" is definitely the best performing and most successful film with blackjack and starring in Las Vegas, but there are still other films that deserve your attention and viewing.

For example, “Joker -Wild Card (2015)” is a remake of another 1986 movie called Black Jack (Heat) starring Burt Reynolds, also highly recommended. In the most recent version, the protagonist is Jason Statham: those who know this actor know that where he is there is never any lack of action and even this film directed by Simon West is no exception for gambling presence.

“The Hangover”: the spirit of Las Vegas in a most popular blockbuster!

“The Hangover” è un film del 2009 directed by Todd Phillips, con Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha e Heather Graham.

Written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and with Todd Phillips and Daniel Goldberg as executive producers, the film was produced by Warner Bros. Productions by Legendary Pictures.

This movie follows the misadventures of a group of four friends from Los Angeles, Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan who decide to spend a weekend in Las Vegas for the bachelor party of one of them. After an unforgettable night, however, three of them wake up in a devastated suite with no trace of the groom.

“The Hangover” won a Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Film.

To conclude, we would have to talk about an incredible number of other successes that demonstrate how much cinema and Gambling are linked by a consolidated and successful combination.

Las Vegas and the USA continue and will continue to inspire great timeless hits that we hope to see soon, sitting comfortably in a red armchair, in front of the precious big screen with popcorn in hand and a drink full of sugars and bubbles!