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NBA, Lakers: bad injury for LeBron James

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Bad news for the Lakers and NBA fans. The champion LeBron James will remain away from the playing court due to an injury remedied during the weekend.

The weekend just ended in the NBA's top American basketball championship, left us with great twists and "bated breath".

In particular, the attention of the press and fans of the NBA scene have focused attention on the bad injury suffered by the current Lakers champion - LeBron James.

What was thought to be an ailment that could be remedied in a short time, in fact, will keep the already legend of American basketball away from the playing field for several weeks.

The images of the player lying on the sidelines in the match lost against Phoenix have been around the world in a very short time, causing concern among fans and enthusiasts of this sport.

Following the spread of the news, the whole NBA world wasted no time and wanted to make its "closeness" felt to the player, through social media ... lots of messages of good wishes for a speedy recovery!

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Announcing LeBron's injury was "The Athletic" with Shams Charania, one of the most trusted and knowledgeable journalists in the NBA world.

Here is what the journalist reported:

LeBron James will be out for "several weeks": this is currently the scenario expected by the Lakers, according to sources who spoke with him. Injuries to that area of the ankle - in the upper part between the tibia and fibula and not in the "usual" one close to the heel - require hospitalization and recovery times which, added to the caution that a 36-year-old player like James must maintain, will bring him probably to stay out longer than he initially imagined.

The image of LeBron with the leg brace on the sideline against Phoenix had been a pretty clear message, even if in Los Angeles they are confident in the ability to react to medical treatments that could allow the yellow-violet No. 23 to speed up the pace.