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Premier League upset! Player arrested for child sexual abuse

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

A few weeks before the start of the new Premier League season, sensational news upsets English football. An Everton player arrested on child crime charges.

According to what has been learned in the last few hours, a Premier League player, probably also a national team of his country, would have been arrested on Friday on charges of sexual assault on minors.

The player (his name has not yet been made public for legal reasons) is currently on bail but the results of the investigation are awaited.

Everton- the team in which the 31-year-old would play-have announced that they have suspended the player as a precaution while waiting for justice to take its course.

The news has already been around the web and was also reported by the national press. The Mirror wrote:

... a Premier player (from Everton?) was arrested on Friday on charges of child sexual offenses. For legal reasons the name is not mentioned, but to confirm the arrest would have been the same police who would have released a statement in which they reiterated the arrest of the player: "On Friday, July 16, 2021, the agents arrested a 31-year-old man - he allegedly declared Greater Manchester Police - on charges of child sexual offenses ”.

The player in question, moreover, according to the various leaked sources, would be married.

The club was informed of the facts and immediately suspended its membership, now therefore out of the squad.

Everyone is waiting for the outcome of the investigation to see if the allegations will be confirmed or not. And also to understand how this story will evolve.

According to sources inside the police, it appears that, in the search of his home by the agents, "several objects were seized, and that the man was interrogated in relation to very serious crimes" committed against a minor.